Healthy Living

Healthy Living @
Times Supermarkets

Helping the people of Hawaii live healthier, happier lives by providing information to make better diet choices! When shopping at Times, look for the following tags ( SUGAR FREE | GLUTEN FREE | LOW SODIUM | ORGANIC | LOW FAT | NATURAL ) on our shelves to help identify Healthy Living products.

Healthy Living information from the F.D.A.


Pink - Sugar Free Tag

Sugar Free Tag | products are identified by the manufacturer as ‘SUGAR FREE’

Brown - Gluten Free Tag

Gluten Free Tag | products are identified by the manufacturer as ‘GLUTEN FREE’

Orange - Low Sodium Tag

Low Sodium Tag | products that have less than 140mg of sodium per serving

Green - Organic Tag

Organic Tag | products that are FREE of preservatives and genetically modified ingredients

Yellow - Low Fat Tag

Low Fat Tag | products that have less than 3g of fat per serving

Lime - Natural Tag

Natural Tag | products that are free of added color, artificial flavors and synthetic substances