Local Kunoa Beef

Times Supermarkets, along with Kunoa Cattle Company is aiming to keep more of Hawaii’s world-class, pasture-raised cattle right here at home. Working with their own herds as well as other top local ranchers, Kunoa offers quality beef, raised locally, healthily, and humanely. By buying Kunoa beef at Times you are not only getting a premium, local product, but by doing so, you are also keeping jobs, food, and dollars here in our in our island communities.

More about Kunoa beef: Kunoa cattle are specially suited for pasture finishing in subtropical climates on local grasses. Raising cattle on pasture with diverse and nutritious forages shapes a delicious, robust, and hearty flavor profile unique to Kunoa and to Hawaii. From steaks and hamburgers to meat bars and jerky, Kunoa beef is always fresh, local, flavor-packed, and healthy – pick some up today at Times Supermarkets on Oahu and Maui.

Learn more at www.kunoacattle.com. Follow Kunoa on Twitter and Instagram @kunoacattle.