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Pueo (owl) (Christy Jane Mangoba)

Name: Pueo (owl) (Christy Jane Mangoba)

Description: This Carving of a pueo (owl) is my grandfather’s aumakua. Every morning and night of my grandpa’s birthday an owl shows it self by our porch and sit there for a while. Sometimes it shows it self on my mom’s birthday. I know there is some people saying if a pueo flies over u, it meaning something bad going happen or a sign. BUT for me it’s a sign of my grandfather saying that he is there with us no matter what. I would also like to bring an awareness of owls going extinct due to their homes getting destroyed by new structures. For example, the land on top aloun farm is been getting remodeled to new structure and there was our pueo’s homes near a farm lands where no one bothers them. THANK YOU.

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