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Bruce Johnson is the founder of Uncles located originally at Pier 38 and currently operating his new store in Pearl Ridge where they are doing it old school.  Created by a fisherman as a tribute to his mentors and heroes, Uncle’s was designed as an unpretentious place for fresh fish and best-in-class seafood products. Bruce says the Uncles were hard to get to know, tenacious, humble, a bit kolohe – they could be rascals – but very honorable. Today Uncle’s is known for honest, made to order food that locals crave and visitors seek when looking for an authentic Hawaii meal.  They have a couple of my favorites, fish and chips and their award-winning garlic ahi.  This episode is special to me because Bruce has ties to my hometown of Lana’i.  This should be a fun show where we talk a little history, old neighborhoods and of course he makes his famous fish and chips.


Drop pieces in heated oil either in fryer or deep pan.  Be sure oil is at 350 degrees

Cook for 5 minutes or until brown

Serve with your favorite tartar sauce, coleslaw, and a lemon wedge


SourceBruce Johnson
Prep time5 minutes
Cooking time5 minutes
Total time10 minutes


6 oz
Ono Fillet
1 c
1 c
oil (Enough to cover fish in pan or fryer)
1 pn
salt (To taste)
1 pn
Peper (To taste)


Bruce Johnson

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