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Show Aloha Challenge Salmon Poke


The Show Aloha Challenge was created at the beginning of Covid 19 to take care of our kūpuna and to fund the small mom-and-pop restaurants in these troubling times. Mike Gangloff the founder of The Show Aloha Challenge is also the owner and CEO of Mira Image Construction and one of the most amazing human beings you will ever meet. When you talk about giving with no questions asked he is Aloha. The Show Aloha Challenge is an organization that keeps on giving through these tough times. Mike is also responsible for the Show Aloha Challenge Light Show at Aloha Stadium giving 100% of the proceeds back to charity. The phenomenal thing is he fabricated the 1-mile light show himself with his team. Today I am happy to have Mike in the kitchen with us to share his cooking talents and his story. 


Cut Green Onion fine. Do not chop. (Use only the white part of the stem of green onion). Use Gourmet Micro plane grater to grate ginger root.  Add Hawaiian Salt and Ajinomoto to the Green Onion and mix well. Add the grated ginger root to the mix. Add enough canola oil to cover the mixture.

Salmon Poke
Add cubed salmon to the mixing bowl. 1 Pound cubed salmon to .5 cup Green Onion Ginger Sauce mix ratio. Add green onion ginger sauce. Mix well and refrigerate until ready to eat. Serve ice cold.


SourceMike Gangloff
Prep time
Cooking time
Total time


1 t
1 pn
Hawaiian salt
Ginger Root (2-3 thumbs grated)
Green Onion
1 lb
Salmon (Cubed)
Canola Oil (Enough to cover mixture)


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